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Netflix viewing

This weekend, we watched the first disc of Gormenghast. The BBC production included all sorts of familiar British faces, including Christopher Lee, Stephen Fry, and Zoe Wanamaker. I've only met one other person on this side of the ocean who knows of the trilogy who isn't of British descent, so have no concern if you've never heard of it, but it's contemporary-ish with The Lord of the Rings. Indeed, the first two Gormenghast books were published before LotR, as I understand it. I only got to read the first one, so I'm glad to finally have the chance to finish the story when the second disc arrives.

I love Netflix, I tell you: it is a treasure trove of slightly-obscure material. This was the first television miniseries that we'd rented, and D. and I agree that next time we do anything multi-disc, we'll kick as many of the the discs as possible to the tops of our respective queues. That way, we're not waiting for the next one to arrive and can just continue viewing.

I also watched Sudden Impact. I may have mentioned it before, but I've been on a Dirty Harry kick. This is primarily due to to my co-worker, who is a huge Clint Eastwood fan. This was the fourth movie, and it was the first one that I really didn't like. Maybe it was the change of guns, maybe it was the heavy-handed sledgehammer symbolism and direction, maybe it was the inconsistency of repeatedly labeling a character as a dyke but only ever showing her as hitting on men ... there were just a lot of things that I didn't like about it. I hope Dead Pool will be an improvement.

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