pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

You know, I really hate a lot of things about Georgia

I hate the weather.

I hate the Atlanta traffic.

I hate the fact that I'm apparently surrounded by right-wing zealots ... that I'm part of less than a quarter of Georgia voters who think this sucks:

Gay marriage ban upheld

I nearly gagged at my monitor when I read this particularly insulting quote from Governor Sonny Perdue:

The governor also said that he hoped gay Georgians would not feel marginalized by the decision.

"I don't think it demeans gay Georgians in any other way," Perdue said. "They're free to work and live their lives; they're just not free to marry in Georgia."

That's about the equivalent of saying the following to an African-American man:

"Boy, you're free to work and live your life here in Jawja, you just cain't use that there water fountain that's marked 'Whites Only.'"

We're not all condescending rednecks here in Georgia. Just the disproportionate majority of the voting public.


Tags: georgia, glbt, politics/government
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