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I made this

As of this past December, thanks to my co-worker, I have a new hobby: crochet.

I haven't really said anything about it here because the project I was working on was a surprise gift for an old friend whose second child is due in just a few weeks. My mother expressed some doubt that I would finish it before the child graduated from high school, so neener, neener, neener, Mom. :)

It's not the world's greatest picture, but it's a baby blanket done in soft yellow yarn. The stitch is single crochet with a very small loop edging:

My gauge isn't perfectly consistent, but it was my first project ever, and everyone at work was impressed. I'm pleased with it. I think I'm especially happy because usually I'm not very good with this sort of thing. My younger sister tends to be the one who excels at this sort of thing. Mind you, I wouldn't say I'm proficient, but I didn't botch it, and that's enough for me.

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