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Had my sis and her bf over for dinner tonight, and it went well. The remoulade was very good and wonderfully easy, despite the fact that I didn't have quite enough of the right ingredients, and the Allium Soup (garlic, onions and leeks, oh, my! :> ) was excellent, even though it took rather a long time to make. Fortunately, we have plenty of leftovers. I think I'm going to try pureeing the soup after it has chilled, and next time I make it, I'd make it with chicken broth instead of vegetable broth, but the guests were vegetarians, so I was kind of locked in on that one. :) I'd also caramelize the onions. Hubby was able to find Abita beer to go with the remoulade - yay, but I'm not sure it was the one we really liked in New Orleans. Abita makes several different varieties. Technically the chocolate pie we made for dessert was a touch underdone, but I kind of liked it that way. It tasted good, regardless.

Two down on the entertaining reciprocities, four to go. Really one, in a way, because only one of the remaining four has to be an in-house have-over-to-dinner sort of thing: the other three can be at restaurants, fortunately. Restaurants are easier - out of the total six, four have some sort of dietary restriction (no meat, no dairy, no pork, etc.), which kind of makes it less fun for us, because invariably I'm doing menu planning and thinking "wow, this sounds like something great to try!" and then can't because it has something in it that one of the people can't eat. :( Kinda frustrating. We need to get friends who are less self-censoring when it comes to food. ;)

We had a pretty good time, but they were both really tired from a very busy Saturday, so didn't really stay late. :/ We missed Legend of the Rangers, but I'm sure SciFi will rerun it. We can't tape it, due to complications with digital cable - just don't ask. :)

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