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Theater bans babies after 6 pm

Albuquerque theater bans babies from certain shows after 6 pm

This is interesting for several reasons. Does it mean that, after all the hand-wringing at the Oscars, movie theater owners are desperate enough for business that they're willing to exclude customers that they perceive to be a noise risk in order to retain the business of the quieter majority? Does it mean that they've simply given up on a mannerly society -- that they risk a noisier scene by asking an audience member to refrain from conversation until the movie is over than they do if they simply ban certain patrons entirely?

As for the parents, is it really that impossible to find a trustworthy babysitter? I'm not being insolent: it's a sincere question. I did plenty of babysitting when I was a teenager, and my rates were extremely reasonable.


Mar. 10th, 2006 10:13 pm (UTC)
I know parents who are absolute freaks about babystting. I went to a Christmas party two months after F. was born and Jim's coworker asked me, looking sympathetic, "Is this your first time away from her?" I was puzzled. Not go out once in the two months of newborn hell? Are you kidding? Apparently they didn't separate from their daughter till she was 6 mo old.

Sometimes it's hard to find a teenager. I only know of my dad's girlfriend's daughter, (who have babysat before) but before then I simply didn't know anyone. I guess I could ask some church kids but we go to church in Chapel hill and live in the neighboring town, so I don't know if they'll want to drive all that way. (We use kind and understanding friends for sitting duties)

Now I just ramble. But yeah, people are more uptight about it than you'd expect.


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