pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

Theater bans babies after 6 pm

Albuquerque theater bans babies from certain shows after 6 pm

This is interesting for several reasons. Does it mean that, after all the hand-wringing at the Oscars, movie theater owners are desperate enough for business that they're willing to exclude customers that they perceive to be a noise risk in order to retain the business of the quieter majority? Does it mean that they've simply given up on a mannerly society -- that they risk a noisier scene by asking an audience member to refrain from conversation until the movie is over than they do if they simply ban certain patrons entirely?

As for the parents, is it really that impossible to find a trustworthy babysitter? I'm not being insolent: it's a sincere question. I did plenty of babysitting when I was a teenager, and my rates were extremely reasonable.

Tags: children, culture/society, etiquette/protocol, news

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