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A few more Oscar thoughts

If anyone was in doubt before, it is apparently hard out there for a pimp. Unless you happened to be in the Oscar auditorium last night, in which case, they gave you an award. :)

Seriously, though, I know, I realize that the selection of the Oscar song sometimes tends to have less to do with merit and more to do with using the category to recognize a movie that might not otherwise be acknowledged. Nevertheless, if a radio station were having a day where they played all Academy Award-winning songs, it'd be a darned weird transition to juxtapose a lovely song like "Into the West" with "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp." I'm just sayin'.

This morning, I'm enjoying Jon Stewart's performance even more than I did last night. Kurt and I water-coolered the Oscars, and were repeating bits like the gay cowboy montage and the part about "Thank goodness we don't have those issues anymore," after the self-congratulatory montage of movies that tackled social change. I've only seen a few episodes of The Daily Show, so I didn't come into it with a pre-existing JS bias.

One thing that did get on my nerves was the reoccurring tendency of speakers to natter on about people coming back to the movies and the communal experience of seeing the movie in the theater on the big screen. Memo to Hollywood: it isn't all your fault. Nope, the theater owners and the moviegoers are more culpable, in my eyes. Theaters could benefit from a more welcoming atmosphere and a less genericized experience. Human factors, for example, could be better taken into account. It would be a boon to have sliding drawers in the bottom of the seat ahead of you, or in your own seat (I'm not picky on the location), so that personal belongings like purses and shopping bags could be easily stowed out of the way so that the attendee could relax and enjoy the movie unencumbered.

Also, outside of that, moviegoers themselves are to blame. Specifically, rude people. I had a great time with the audience at King Kong, but I've never forgotten the loud grandparents at Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets who would not refrain from talking loudly about how much Hermione resembled little Jenny-whomever down the street. I'll stop here lest I go on a full-on manners-and-civility tear. I'm just saying that for all of Hollywood's best verbal efforts last night, in many cases, there are precious few things to recommend the movie experience over seeing a film on DVD.

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