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Doc Chey's: Underwhelming

So, we visited the new location of Doc Chey's Asian Kitchen (formerly Doc Chey's Noodle House) last night. I've never been to the original place in town, but recall that it generally got favorable reviews from Zagat's.

Maybe the original incarnation was worthwhile, but last night was mediocre. D. had the Shanghai Dumplings, which were the best thing about the meal. They were tasty as long as you didn't dunk them in the extremely salty sauce. I had the Spring Rolls, which came with a different sauce (hoisin topped with a few chopped peanuts) that was also too salty. The rolls themselves were disappointingly bland.

D. had the General Chey's Chicken, which was supposed to be spicy, but wasn't. I had the Mongolian Beef. It was okay, but I was taken aback by the small portions. For $8 each, I'm accustomed to getting much more at a traditional Chinese restaurant.

Our server was also very inexperienced, and tried to bring our entrees to us literally two minutes after he'd delivered our appetizers. I'm sure he'll get better and the restaurant is just working out the new location kinks ... I am willing to overlook service personnel who are at the beginning of the learning curve, but I'm not quite as tolerant of overpriced lackluster food on a menu as brief as theirs. The place seemed to emphasize style over substance, and it just doesn't compare to the authentic stuff you can get on Buford Highway.

Meehan's Public House has opened just across from Doc Chey's; looks like we should've gone there instead. They're part of the same group as Food 101, so perhaps we'll see a better execution of concept than we experienced last night.

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