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Sometimes, it's good to be anal retentive

So, on the 15th, I had curiously good luck, thanks to being AR and going through my LJ, categorizing it with tags.

I came across a post in which I mentioned Movie Trading Company, and happened to click the link to see if they were doing any sales or promotion.

To my shock, they were closing the store nearest us. Not only that, it seems that they're closing everything.

It was about 6:00 pm on Wednesday when I learned this, and they were closing the Sandy Springs location that very day. I called my husband. "Sweetie, we have to go by Movie Trading Company tonight."

You see, I had a gift card for them with about $46 on it, and I would've been rather ticked to lose out on almost $50.

When we arrived, almost all their DVDs were gone. I gnashed my teeth a little that I hadn't found out about this sooner. Only really crummy horror movies remained. I immediately made my way over to the CD section, which was a little less picked over.

We did pretty well: we got 13 CDs for about $44. I only lost $2 on the card, which is certainly better than $46. What's even more remarkable is that we got there at 7:30 pm and the store closed at 8 -- I figured they'd at least be open until 9 pm. It was almost like one of those contests where a shopper has 15 minutes to purchase $500 worth of merchandise or something.

I got:

D. got a Yanni album and two Wallflowers CDs.

I was amazed that we were able to find so much in such a short time in such a picked-over selection. Worst case, I can probably go to CD Warehouse and trade a few of them in for something even better. Still, given the situation, I think it was a pretty decent haul.

I'd never have known had I not been all AR with my LJ. :)

Incidentally, the reason the chain is closing is because of Netflix. Apparently, Movie Trading Company is owned by Blockbuster Video, and they're closing all of their subsidiaries to focus on their online business. Translation: Netflix is eating their lunch.

If you're in Georgia, the Tucker location is going to be open until the 19th. Everything is 50% off. We're going to try to go by there early on Saturday, I think, in the hopes of finding a few things for my sister.

Why I can't have this kind of luck in other areas of my life (read: housing), I don't know.

Tags: errands/shopping, music
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