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Smallville, BSG, BL

Smallville is becoming less and less worth my time. I nearly gagged at the Acuvue product placement in the last episode with Chloe actually pimping the brand name itself after picking up the box.

We're back again to Lionel/Lex rivalry as Lionel makes a pretext of picking Lex up after he's fallen in the election while being manipulative and eeevil about it. Although this is better than seeing yet more of the perpetually never-going-anywhere Clark/Lana relationship, it seems like an odd retread and strange step backwards after Lex went full dark last season. Don't get me wrong: I'm generally very glad for John Glover to have some screen time, and he's enjoyable as always, but the writers took Lex's character forward in S4 for better or for worse, and now this backpedaling to a previous state of being seems a poor fit.

After the first few episodes of this season, I had higher hopes for the show. Tom Welling's acting has improved. However, last night's episode was disjointed and just plain amateurish. I'll give it until the end of the season, but I'm just about ready to close the door on it and decide that its best days are in the past.

In sharp contrast, Battlestar Galactica and Boston Legal are both well worth my time. Good Kara episode this past Friday for BSG; I'm glad they got back to Anders a little bit. Kat annoys me, and I just can't quite put my finger on why.


Feb. 9th, 2006 09:07 pm (UTC)
I think part of the problem is that it really should be taking after Buffy and Angel. Whenever the tension or drama got too high, we could trust Whedon to poke fun at himself ("Hello! All I do is look at the big picture. The other day, I gave an inspirational speech to the telephone repair man." from Buffy's speechy seventh season) and it had a theme and over-arching plot for each season. Not every episode contributed to that theme greatly, and some season's handled it better then others, but they clearly had a goal in mind to keep the audience interested.

Smallville really doesn't have that. The Jason Teague storyline bored me last year. Milton Fine didn't last nearly long enough for someone who could have been an excellent big bad. The "somebody will die!" plotline has been resolved. The election stuff was a little interesting, but not exactly a huge draw (and I have family who were in the Kansas legislature!).

If there was something I was more excited to see, I'd probably change the channel (as I did last year with Lost). Not because I think the show is horrible, there's some good episodes and moments of goodness even in the weaker ones, it just doesn't have a strong hook. We know that the Lana/Clark romance won't happen, because he's going to go to Metropolis and become Superman and marry Lois. We know Lex is going to become evil. We already know the end, so they have to do something else to keep watching.

The main things that keep me coming back is Lex, Lionel and Chloe, ans the Superman/DC mythos stuff. Lex, outside of the Lexmas episode, has kinda had quiet role this year. So has Chloe, who seems more of "exposition girl" then an actual character a lot of the time. Lionel has gotten a few chances to shine this year though, so that's good. The mythos stuff is good, but this year has had some blunders. The "Angel of Vengence" was clumsy (it's a reporter... who wears glasses... and fights crime!) and the Aquaman episode was a weak use of the character (Aquaman in the comics is a bitter loner turned king. Not a surfer dude, bro).

I've always felt the show had a lot of potential, but without any aim. I hope they find some focus, or they should hope that nothing better comes on during the same timeslot.
Feb. 10th, 2006 03:28 pm (UTC)
Good point about having a goal in mind to keep the audience tuned in.

Regarding Jason Teague, I was relatively interested until he turned evil. It would've been much less predictable had he actually been a good guy. I was also grateful for his presence because he prevented more pointless Lana/Clark angst.

Totally agreed about Milton Fine, but you knew that. :)

The main things that keep me coming back are Lex, Lionel and Chloe
Ditto. And Martha Kent, just because I think Annette O'Toole goes to work each day and does a good job with her.

Yep, unrealized potential = Smallville. I think back to my favorite episode/arc, and that was way back with the "Asylum" time frame. That's been a while.


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