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Amelie, which might as well have been titled "The Rich Life of Introverts"

I just watched Amelie. I started out not being in the mood to watch anything -- this week has been so busy that this was simply the first chance I had, and it was more of a "get it out of the way" thing than an "I want to see this" thing.

As it turns out, I think that may well have been the perfect state of mind in which to enjoy the film. Even if you don't want to be charmed, it is charming and entertaining. An introverted, whimsical young woman with a rich fantasy life goes about meddling in the lives of others, and along the way, we get a voyeuristic peek into the indiosyncrasies that make people tick. Sprite-like, indeed, Peter Pan-like (she's never quite grown up properly), she makes what she believes to be improvements in the lives of people she knows as an unconscious means of avoiding fixing her own problems.

There's just a little magical realism thrown in to enhance things. The movie drags just a touch in spots, but I quite liked it. It's a likable and playful sort of film. It's a light confection, but a cheerful and pleasant one. A positive slice of life, as it were.

As far as my enjoyment goes, it probably didn't hurt that many of the locations were "we've been theres" for me: we visited Sacre Coeur and spent part of a day in Montmartre during our honeymoon.

I rather feel as though I ought to have an espresso with a crepe, now.

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