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Peer pressure remains a powerful tool, even in adulthood. :)

Ferret's into Stargate: SG-1, my husband's into it, and one of my best friends is into it. Every time I'd tried to watch it, I couldn't see the attraction. It mostly seemed like a slightly less adequate version of Star Trek: TNG. Go to new world, chat/fight/sleep with new people, occasionally run into master baddies. Lather, rinse; repeat.

My dear spouse just had a birthday, and I got him the boxed set of the Stargate SG-1 first season on DVD. We've been watching a few episodes a day, and are near the beginning of the fourth disc.

Well, it's still pretty ST-like, but what makes a refreshing difference is the story arc. Putting some of the episodes in context makes the "civilization of the week" aspect a different ball of wax. Rather than being disparate entities, like an M-class world here and a Bajoran homeworld there, there's a common thread uniting them. Each one is a piece of the puzzle, and a potential part of the solution. I did find it amusing that Armin Shimerman, aka Quark the Ferengi, aka Principal Snyder in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, was in an early episode. I have no idea if he'll be a recurring character.

It's no Babylon 5, but then, few things are. I know, I know, ST was pioneering in a lot of ways and is important because of that. It also has some very good, meaningful episodes and Patrick Stewart's talent is no small asset . . . however, B5 was so much richer in so many ways. I don't think we've had another series recently that's yet come close to the sophisticated layering and high-quality writing present there. I mean, Neil Gaiman bothered to write an episode of B5. It's like my exceedingly wise mother says: there's chicken salad, and there's chicken you-know-what, and B5 ain't chicken you-know-what.

SG-1 does descend into hokum at times, at least in the first season. Maybe it will get better, but "Cold Lazarus" . . . ennh. Mix one part ST:TNG's "The Inner Light," one part crystalline entity and stir vigorously with SG-1 team. ("The Inner Light" was actually quite a good episode, and won a Hugo, I believe, so there are worse things for one to rip off, but still.)

However, I really like this overarching "four great races/ancients" thread that seems to be emerging. Not quite the Vorlons and the Shadows, but so far none but the Goa'uld seem to interfere and meddle in human affairs. Then again, the rest of the races might be more subtle, like the Vorlons. We'll see. I'm engaged enough to continue watching the DVDs from the first season, at least.

Maybe the same thing will happen for Freaky if he gets to see BTVS from the beginning. :)
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