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Monday, and I've a busy week ahead of me: all kinds of errands to run. Most particularly, I'm in the midst of menu planning for friends we're having over on Saturday night, and I'll be babysitting their child tomorrow evening. Also gotta go grocery shopping this week, and I may be headed to Athens with another LJ friend if we can work out the scheduling. It could be a fun little nostalgia trip, given that we both went to college there. :)

I'm kind of thinking pork chops, but I'm not sure which recipe. Then again, if I come across something really nifty while perusing recipe options, I might change my mind to something completely different. :) There was a dish Emeril Lagasse made the other night that sounded excellent. Although he occasionally gets on my nerves at times, anybody who loves garlic as much as I do can't help but appreciate his enthusiasm for that ingredient. :)

Tags: cooking, entertaining, friends/social, menu planning

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