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More on the deleted scenes

Dugpa.com got word from the man himself:

Word Back from Lynch on the Deleted Scenes Situation
I just received word back from Lynch on why the Deleted Scenes were not included on the upcoming Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me DVD. Here is his exact quote: "I honestly don't know what the truth is. There are upwards of seventeen scenes, short ones, that could be completed. But first, they have to be found. Work print has to be made. We need to put it on the KEM (editor) and put it together. Sound has to be located, and put with the edited scenes. Then we have to gather sound effects and mix the scenes. Negative has to be cut. I have to go to the lab for color correction. A hi-def transfer has to be made, and then that has to be color corrected. The scenes have to be compressed for DVD, and that has to be evaluated. This will take a lot of time and cost a fortune."

It is very disappointing that New Line did not spend more time trying to acquire and negotiate for these scenes, but I will tell you that I have seen the disc, and the audio and picture quality are nothing short of amazing. This is the best this movie has ever looked or sounded. Hopefully one day these scenes will see the light of day, but for now, they will remain in Twin Peaks.

*Banshee stamps her feet, annoys the neighbors with her wailing, and is generally angry and unhappy*

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