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The Case of the Misplaced Muffin

So, I mentioned that I got a muffin pan, but then I got to thinking that perhaps I needed two muffin pans, because what if I ever needed to make rather a lot of muffins? 12 isn't really that many, especially when you have to eat one to determine if anyone will actually want to consume the rest.

Tonight, I made muffins. Don't get all excited or anything: they're from a Harry & David mix. All I did was add water and an egg. I'm a pretty decent cook, but I'm a baking neophyte. Still, it's more muffin than I've made in I don't-know-when.

While doing this, I suddenly realized that I already had a muffin pan. The bad thing about being in an apartment is not having much storage space, and so we've got stuff stacked upon stuff in every closet. The pantry closet is fairly neat and organized, with shelves and whatnot, but it's still somewhat dark in there, so I just sort of didn't see the pan box at the back for a little while, and I just now found it.

So, now I can make 24 muffins should I feel inclined to do so. Yay for that. Plus, I got to use my cooling rack! Extra yay.

I won't be making this mix again, though. The muffins are tender enough and puffy enough, but the raspberry tastes very artificial and they're not as chocolatey as I'd like. I suppose I could've slipped a touch of jam in there, but I'm quite timid about fiddling with baking recipes. They definitely don't compare to lsbd33's muffins, but, hey, we haven't done that baking session yet. We'll get there. :)



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Dec. 7th, 2005 02:47 am (UTC)
mixes can be...well, they sound wonderful, and then, you bake them, and they sounded so much better than the flavors taste...which is never your fault.

after all the cardboard cakes i made when i lived at home, i feel that if i can bake muffins & cakes with a good consistency and flavor from scratch, she who does reduction with her sauces can mix with a spoon too. :)

the key is a tried and true recipe with flavors you like. and knowing not to mess with the chemical side of it...but, i'll save that for january :)

(i have absolutely no doubts that we'll pick recipes that you will love, then you'll look at me and ask why you ever used a mix...)
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