pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

Smallville: Aaaaaauuuuggggh!

We just watched the most recent episode of Resetville Smallville. I find myself imagining the following conversation between the writers:

Smallville writer #1: Sooooo, people seem to be liking this season better than the previous one. Let's just see a show of hands -- what's working about this season?

Rest of the Smallville writers: James Marsters. The fans seem to like him in the role of Professor Fine.

Smallville writer #1: Yeah . . . hey, I know! Let's kill him off!

Rest of the Smallville writers: Yeah! Great idea!


Can someone explain to me why they killed off the most interesting plot line and character dynamic of the season? I mean, okay, I know he was overshadowing the rest of the cast a bit, but it's not his fault that he's a good actor. Besides, that whole dynamic was kind of working with Lex. It was not sucking. I'm not a Spike fangirl at all, I think they overused him near the end of Buffy, but we finally get Clark, Chloe, and Lana out of high school where they can actually have some new interactions and ... they remove the primary character that Clark and Lex have been having new interactions with.

I feel the deep-seated desire to beat a television executive with a stick.

Tags: smallville, television

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