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A Finer Smallville

I plan to do absolutely nothing this weekend. Well, except for dim sum with spring_1970 and her family. And we'll head to Phipps to return the items that didn't fit Mom. But other than those somethings, I plan to do nothing, dammit.

What I am going to do right now is write a little bit about Smallville. The following paragraphs contain minor spoilers for S4 and S5.

I'm not a total S4 basher: the season did at least get Clark and Lana mostly away from one another, which made me happier, because the whole "I wuv oo, but we cannot be together" shtick was old after the first 82 times the writers had trudged through it. However, the Lana witch thing was so much of a reach it pulled a muscle, and I wish they hadn't turned Jason bad just because it's so annoyingly predictable. I also pretty much hate the whole "black kryptonite tipped Lex over the edge" plotline, because A) it feels like such a huge cop-out, and B) it's very boring for Lex to be evil all the time. He's much more interesting when he's either conflicted, or when he's being good and getting trodden upon to the point that you want to give him a soft blanket and some hot cocoa.

Somehow, S5 has improved a little bit. Only a little bit, mind you: the show's ability to hit the big "Reset - last week never happened" button is perhaps only outdone by amnesiacs on LSD who happen to be lost in the desert. Exhibit A: Lana and Clark finally had sex over at her place, but somehow woke up over at the Kent farm in the episode immediately following. Sure, we can rationalize that some sort of conversation like "Well, that sure was nice, Lana, but my parents will worry if I don't get home. / Oh, Clark, let me go with you!" took place, but, again, it's yet another stretch.

Despite this, S5 at least gets Lana, Chloe, and Clark out of high school, thank Zod. As a bonus, Clark is now under the tutelage of Professor Milton Fine, aka Brainiac, played by James Marsters. Juilliard-trained Marsters proceeds to act circles around pretty much everyone he's been on-screen with in the show so far, including Michael Rosenbaum (Lex). However, Marsters' older alpha male plays very well against Lex the Newly Evil, and I've quite enjoyed their scenes together. If their antagonism is going to provide the main source of conflict this season, that suits me Fine. :) (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) I wouldn't mind seeing him and John Glover (Papa Luthor) interact as well.

So, again, 85% of Smallville bores me, but the 15% with Lex makes it worth following. It's funny: if I have five shows I'm watching, Smallville is always at the bottom of the five, but I somehow just don't drop it entirely. Maybe it's 'cause hubby likes it and it's good to have a show in common to discuss. Anyway, the Fine vs. Lex plot line is working so far. Now if they could just kill off Lana, we might really see some significant improvement in quality control.

EDIT: At the time I wrote the post, I hadn't seen last night's episode. So, it's been bad Lex, bad Lex, bad Lex pretty much since the black kryptonite situation, and now, all of a sudden, good Alexander makes an appearance? Are we to take from this that, previously, Alexander was dominant but Lex fought through to the surface, and now Lex is dominant but Alexander can occasionally win control?

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