pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

The psychology of LJ filters

A post in a friend's journal inspired me to contemplate filters. Curiously, I don't really use them so much for my own privacy. They tend to be more other-directed. For example, I have a filter that includes only the folks I know to be female on my list, which I typically use for posts related to owner's manual content, such as bra fittings and menstruation. Oh, and there's one for Atlanta folks only, 'cause I figure it's probably not really of interest to my pals in Vienna and California whether MirrorMask is showing at the Midtown Promenade theater.

I now wonder if I'm being too exclusive, though. So, if you want to be included or removed from the gyno filter, let me know. Ditto the Atlanta filter.

Do you use LJ filters? If so, for what purpose?

Tags: livejournal
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