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Bon Anniversaire

So, this past Sunday was our six year anniversary. We'd already officially celebrated it a bit early by escaping to the mountains for three days over Labor Day weekend (hot tub, wine, good food, and snuggles, not necessarily in that order). However, we saw fit to celebrate it a bit more by attending WineSouth, which was a total blast. We had more fun than either of us had anticipated.

We arrived about 1 pm, I'd guess, and I just can't imagine how 5:00 pm seemed to arrive so quickly. :) It was like one big party: there were wines from around the world. Spain, Chile, Italy, Australia, France, the USA, and other countries were all represented. We tasted Rioja, Shiraz (Tintara from Australia is a killer), Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and other grape varietals and blends.

In addition to wine producers, there were also numerous food booths. Fuego (love those gorgonzola-stuffed dates), Food 101 (gourmet mac & cheese with craisins), Ruth's Chris, Morton's, Sia's, and other restaurants provided free samples, and I don't think I ate a bad thing all day. Several of the chefs from these restaurants did cooking demonstrations on a stage provided by Viking.

We also discovered Saralyn's Shortbread and Tastefully Simple there. Saralyn has invented the most wonderful and delish savory shortbread: we bought several bags of the rosemary-garlic, which she literally just created last week. As for Tastefully Simple, they have a dry pesto blend that makes an insanely easy dip, which is perfect to yank out for unexpected company or a potluck for which you really don't have time to contribute.

We'd definitely go back. :)

We spent the actual, proper date of our anniversary as little stay-at-home lumps who couldn't be arsed to do much of anything 'cause we were recovering from WineSouth, but y'know, that bespeaks a certain wonderful comfort level.

We're thinking about Taste of Atlanta this weekend, but can't quite decide. Any of y'all going?

Tags: conventions/festivals, food, our anniversary, restaurants, wine
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