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Cooking Clubs

The Food Network showed a special tonight on the revival of cooking clubs, née supper clubs. It was sponsored by Cooking Light magazine, which has information and a community area on its web site just for such gatherings. The magazine even hosts events in various cities specifically designed for these groups, to provide inspiration for themes and menus.

I'm in no position to do such a thing right now, but it's something to consider eventually, perhaps.

If you were founding such a club, or if you were involved in one as a member, what sort of guidelines and activities would you like to see? Would people cook at their own domiciles and bring their dishes, or would everyone cook together in one kitchen, making the cooking part of the event? Would the host have to cook, or would cleaning up the house be enough? How would expenses be managed? Themes or no themes? Would members' dietary requirements play a role in choosing menus, or no? How often would the group meet, and how many members would it contain?

One idea that I came up with was a cookbook-themed event, where each person would make and bring a dish, but the recipes would all have to come from the same cookbook to sort of get an impression of the author's taste and personality.

If you were doing such a thing, what would you like to see? Do any of you currently participate in a group like this?

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