pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

So much for home ownership

Supreme Court rules in favor of home seizures for property development

What are the justices thinking? I cannot believe the Supreme Court could be so incredibly short-sighted. Atlanta's sprawl is bad enough without giving the developers the leverage of actual law when they already have government officials in their pockets.

Home ownership is a cornerstone of the American Dream: immigrants have dodged bullets, suffered rides on rafts made of scraps in treacherous waters, and taken some of the worst jobs imaginable just to have a better opportunity here, and the hope, perhaps, of their children or grandchildren owning their own little piece of country.

I knew someone who actually endured eminent domain. His family won their case, but they also had the money to hire one of the best lawyers in the state. Had this ruling existed, I'm not sure they would've won, and I'm definitely sure that many people who don't have the financial resources that his family worked very hard to earn wouldn't stand a chance of saving their homes.

The Supreme Court seems to have little interest in upholding the rights of the individual these days.

Tags: civil liberties, legal, news
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