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Goodbye, Big Bird?

On Thursday, a House Appropriations panel approved a spending bill that would cut the budget for public television and radio nearly in half:

Panel Would Cut Public Broadcasting Aid
Source: The New York Times

For those who'd like to write the responsible parties, here's a link to a list of the members of the Committee on Appropriations. Clicking on each member's name brings up a snail mail address and phone number. I plan to add the full list here behind an LJ-cut tag for an easy cut and paste into your word processor of choice so you can do a mail merge, if you'd like.

Edit: here's the link to the text file.

Dear Representative So-and-So:

I have never written to you before, but feel compelled to do so after hearing that the House Appropriations Committee (of which you are a member), approved a measure on Thursday, June 9th, 2005 that would nearly halve the budget allocation for public radio and television.

I am appalled by this action. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has provided excellent educational programming for years, and continues to maintain high standards of quality. Sesame Street in particular remains an outstanding resource, one that helped many members of my generation, myself included, to learn the foundations of grammar and mathematics. How anyone could vote against friendly cultural icons like Big Bird and Mr. Rogers, who teach children about important values like being good citizens and community members, is beyond me.

To be brief, PBS is one of the very few items remaining on a short list of things that I am happy to pay for with my federal tax dollars. The salary of anyone who voted in favor of cutting their funding is not on that list.

Sincerely yours,

The Republicans have a majority of 8 on the committee, so it's possible to make an educated guess as to whose fault this is.

I'll be writing to complain, and I hope that you will as well. Please also write your House representative as well so they'll know how you feel when the initiative comes up for the full House vote. As a side note, I find it quite ironic that etiquette requires that letters be addressed to "The Honorable So-and-So" when 99% of them are anything but honorable.

PBS is one of the few things currently covered by my taxes that I'm actually glad to pay for. The salaries of the members of the Appropriations committee? Not so much.
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