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Six by Six meme

Aw, aren't you a sweetie, reannaremick. She tagged me for this meme, which I like because it's not "favorite all-time," it's just the here and now snapshot. However, it's still difficult to narrow down.

List your current six favorite songs, then pick six other people that have to do the same.

"Drops of Jupiter" by Train (good lyrics, and Pat Monahan just wails during parts of it)
"Dragostea Din Tei" by O-Zone (Yes, the internet meme run wild . . . now with chibi dancing!)
"Suerte" - Shakira (She's so much better in her native language, and this song always makes me tap my toes)
"More Than This" - Peter Gabriel ( or "Red Rain," or "Games Without Frontiers," or "Steam," or "Solsbury Hill," etc., 'cause I have to have a PG song in here somewhere)
"Superman" - Five For Fighting
"World of Warcraft (Is a Feeling)" - purepwnage.com (It makes-a me laugh.) :)

Tag six people to do this meme . . . let me see - who haven't I tagged recently?
How 'bout, in no particular order:


Though, as always, I'd welcome seeing a response from any of you. :)

Funny how this list changes from day to day . . . last night, when I started this post and didn't quite finish it, I had songs by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kate Bush, Sinead O'Connor and Phish on the list.

Thanks again for the tag, Reanna!
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