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My first attempt at wine-ing

I've done movie reviews, music reviews, and game reviews, but this is my very first attempt at a wine review. It's just a short little wisp of a thing, but I said as much as I had to say, and no more.

Please be kind: I watch Andrea Immer's Simply Wine all the time, and have several books on the subject (Wine 101, the Windows on the World Complete Wine Course, Great Tastes Made Simple, Wine for Dummies, etc.). I've been to wine tastings, am on a few mailing lists and communities, and we do have a wine refrigerator with a variety of bottles. I've had friends ask me for recommendations. I know the "big six" grapes in terms of body, that pinot noir grapes are darned finicky to grow, and feel like I know my way around a wine store for the most part.

Despite all that, I know I'm still at the very beginning of my journey into wine geekery (obviously, since I felt the need for all that justification! ;)), and I feel very pleased that quandry liked my evaluation enough to post it. (Thank you so much for letting me try my hand at a guest appearance.) As the saying goes, I yet know that I still know nothing, I'm not a pro, just a fan, but a fan who's happy to give her best effort.

Should you be inclined to subscribe, there's an LJ RSS feed for the site here: viti_culture.

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