September 3rd, 2008

Twin Peaks: Snoqualmie

Link round-up

Charitable: Edible: Georgia: Literary:
  • The Book of Lies, by Brad Meltzer (the same guy responsible for the aforementioned Save Superman's House initiative).
    I got curious about this because I saw a trailer linked from Joss Whedon is in the video, which makes sense given that they've collaborated in the past ... what puzzles me is Christopher Hitchens' presence.
  • Read Neverwhere for free. Source: Neil Gaiman's blog. It's a limited time deal, though, so hurry.
Political: Psychological:
  • Terrance over at The Republic of T. linked to a BBC article about research that indicates that memories of painful emotional experiences, such as verbal abuse, affect us far longer than memories of physical pain.
  • Field Guide to The Nerd: It's All Geek to Me Source: Psychology Today
    Patricia shared this article with me. Read it. Now imagine the difficulties faced in growing up as a woman with an S brain. Been there; done that, and I remain ever grateful for my parents.