March 4th, 2008

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Farewell, Gary Gygax

I was sad to read that one of the founders of gaming as we know it is gone:

Gary Gygax, Dungeons & Dragons creator, dies

Our culture, gaming culture especially, owes thanks to him and Dave Arneson for their profound influence. I did a panel with Dave Arneson once at Dragon*Con, and he jested, "Many of you sitting at this table wouldn't have the jobs you have if it weren't for me and Gary!" We laughed, but he was right. Gygax and Arneson put systematic form to fantasy. They were, of course, heavily indebted to Tolkien as a source, to the point that TSR stopped using the word hobbit after the threat of a lawsuit by his estate. Nevertheless, thanks to their efforts, a whole gaming industry was spawned, not just tabletop, but video games.

I think it's a testament that those who have been involved with the gaming industry, like rdansky and streamweaver, have memorialized him in their LJs.

It just seems like of all people, he deserves a saving throw. Despite that, as rdansky said, his legacy will endure.