July 3rd, 2007

wine and cheese

Food and wine pairing

Bibs and bobs, in no particular order:

  • The 2005 Chehalem Pinot Gris with Boucheron cheese is an outstanding food and wine pairing.

  • I want to try Chatelain Camembert.

  • The Libby commutation reminds me yet again that Bush is the worst president I've seen in my lifetime. I've never seen his like for devil-may-care cronyism. 567 days until he leaves office.

  • I have started my new crochet project. It is a large blue blanket that will take quite some time to complete, but I think I will enjoy making it. It's much less stitch-fussy than my previous one.

I hope all of those who observe it have a safe Fourth of July holiday tomorrow!

Twin Peaks: Snoqualmie

Blue poppets

I saw these linked from Neil Gaiman's blog. I think they're neat, and the creator donates a dollar to the CBLDF for every one sold, but it looks like the payment method is PayPal only. I don't have a PayPal account because things I've read about it make me squinchy and nervous. I know many people use it all the time with no problem; I'm just weird. That sort of financial thing relating to my credit card punches my paranoia buttons. I'm not saying it's necessarily logical; it's just how I feel.

However, if you are non-squinchy and happen to be a fan of a) Gaiman or b) the CBLDF, and you like the poppets, I thought I'd spread the word. I am not hinting for anyone to get me one, I just thought that some of the folks who read my journal might have similar tastes. :)