November 19th, 2006

Twin Peaks: Snoqualmie

That tarot meme that's been going around

I apologize for the lack of posts of substance. Realistically, you're probably not going to get much quality from me until after the holidays. Life is just very busy right now. We did manage to see The Prestige before it left theaters, and we liked it.

I pilfered this from redredrage, catarzyna, and several other folks. I came close to being The Star and The Tower with the change of one or two clicks that were also true, but this was the first and most accurate:

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It makes sense. I am a strong believer in balance. There's a lot to be said for moderation at times. I do not like to see the pendulum swing too far one way or the other in most things. I'm all for enthusiasm and passion -- joie de vivre is a positive thing, but when it crosses the line into extremism, obsession, and zealotry, it can be problematic.