September 2nd, 2006

Twin Peaks: Snoqualmie

Interesting categorization of the gaming market

This GameDaily Biz article suggests that there are more segments of the gaming market than just the traditional casual vs. hardcore:

  • Power gamers represent 11 percent of the gamer market but account for 30 cents of every dollar spent on retail and online games.

  • Social gamers enjoy gaming as a way to interact with friends.

  • Leisure gamers spend 58 hours per month playing games but mainly on casual titles. Nevertheless they prefer challenging titles and show high interest in new gaming services.

  • Dormant gamers love gaming but spend little time because of family, work, or school. They like to play with friends and family and prefer complex and challenging games.

  • Incidental gamers lack motivation and play games mainly out of boredom. However, they spend more than 20 hours a month playing online games.

  • Occasional gamers play puzzle, word, and board games almost exclusively.

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