August 24th, 2006

Twin Peaks: Snoqualmie

Sharp writing

Sunset Boulevard stands the test of time remarkably well. Gloria Swanson was outstanding as Norma Desmond, but what really surprised me was how fresh the script remained despite its age. The movie is well worth seeing.

I'm not at all surprised that it was included on the American Film Institute's Greatest Movies list. Indeed, after seeing it, I'm surprised it wasn't ranked higher than #12. It would've been fine with me to swap it with The Godfather's slot at #3, but then, I've always thought that movie was a bit overrated. Well, first, I'd probably move On the Waterfront way up (I can only attribute its low placement at #8 to the Elia Kazan controversy), but with the stuff I'd relocate, Sunset would probably end up at #5 or #6. Definitely a classic.