July 31st, 2006

wine and cheese

Weekend recharging

I had a lovely, relaxing weekend. If I could have weekends like this all the time, goodness knows what I could get accomplished.

  • I wrote a long overdue thank-you note and sent a birthday card to my aunt.

  • We went to The Wine Store and got a great mixed case of goodies for 20% off as part of their anniversary celebration. While there was no Tintara to be had, we did pick up a bottle of French rosé, two bottles of Red Knot shiraz, and -- best news of all -- they had the Chehalem pinot gris! Yes. On this coast. Here in this city. We got the two bottles that they had in stock, and were assured that they'd have more in the future. I hope the 2005 is as good as the previous bottle we had (think it was a 2003). The only minor disappointments were the aforementioned lack of Tintara, and that we didn't find any more Chandon Riche, but I suspect we can find that elsewhere. Oh, and they were flat out of Vinho Verde, but it was still quite a good haul. As a side note, Pinot Noir prices are still ridiculously inflated post-Sideways.

  • I made a little progress on my current crochet project. Nothing massive, but I finished two more complete rows. I'm really enjoying working with the cotton string and this particular crochet hook. I'm not sure why. Usually I have no real preference between the Susan Bates hooks and the Boye hooks -- I have some of each -- but for this project, the flatter head of the Bates hook is making it go really smoothly. I so hope it turns out well, because I really have no idea what I'm doing: I'm just trusting the pattern.

  • I actually got to sit down and read a book. Usually, my days are so chopped up with activity that it is difficult to find a stretch of time that I can actually commit to that, but I made it about halfway through Andrea Immer's Great Tastes Made Simple.

  • We had a nice chat with the new cheese guy over at the Fresh Market (where we picked up the watermelon). I think they keep losing cheese staff because what corporate wants is not in line with what the cheese guys want, but I hope this one will stick around for a little bit because he seems to know what he's doing. We picked up some Mimolette, and D. chose a white cheddar that turned out to be underwhelming. Hmm, he picked Lady in the Water for this weekend, too. Perhaps his stars were out of alignment or something.

  • Saw Robots on DVD. It looked good, but had a so-so plot.

  • Fixed the aforementioned plate of goodness for dinner.

  • Made a lovely, simple brunch of warm, buttery croissants and slices of fresh, ripe tomatoes from my co-worker's garden.

  • Saw Lady in the Water.

  • I finally got my druid to 38th in World of Warcraft, and my mage is halfway to 36th.

I didn't get by Cook's Warehouse as I'd planned, but that's about the only thing that I had tentatively planned that I didn't get done.