February 4th, 2004

Twin Peaks: Snoqualmie

Another round of primaries

Another round of primaries. At this point, Kerry, Dean, Edwards, Clark, Sharpton and Kucinich remain in the run for the Democratic nomination. Lieberman just dropped out, to my relief. He had 25 delegates, so I'm wondering to which candidate those will go. Kerry leads with 244; Dean has 121, and Edwards, 102. (Source: CNN)

I was not at all surprised that Edwards won South Carolina. I think my mom said she voted for him. Actually, come to think of it, maybe I should start looking to my mom as a predictor of election wins. At least the last two that I can think of, she's voted the way the election went.

I'll be curious to see who wins Georgia. Now I'm wondering when Kucinich and Sharpton will drop; each may wait until after primaries in their respective home states of Ohio and New York.

I read recently that the main Libertarian candidate, Gary Nolan, has received quite a few campaign donations through Amazon.com, second at the time I looked only to Dem-front runner Kerry. In other words, he's ahead of the rest of the field in terms of donations. I find that kind of encouraging, that people are willing to support Libertarian concepts monetarily. It also indicates that despite the lack of coverage in the press, some will seek out alternatives for themselves. However, I know full well that a vote with the wallet doesn't necessarily translate into a vote in the election.
Twin Peaks: Snoqualmie

Public exposure

Unless you've been sequestered in some way from the US citizenry in recent days, you've heard about Janet Jackson's breast making its debut during the Superbowl halftime show.

Much has been written about the event. Folks are either in a dither about it, or folks think it's silly that people are in a dither about it. I'm adding my opinion and analysis to the commentary mill just because I haven't seen anyone else express anything comparable to my perspective.

From what I've observed, the outrage, though often poorly articulated, stems from viewers' expectations. It's a simple matter of the ethics of informed consent when we examine the incident in the context of certain aspects of US culture.

In America, we have ratings systems for what we view. The Motion Picture Association of America provides guidelines for movies; television has adopted a similar system, and even the video game industry self-regulates with the ESRB. These agencies provide a structure by which consumers can make a general determination as to whether a given work is going to contain material they consider appropriate for themselves or those in their care.

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