January 16th, 2004

Twin Peaks: Snoqualmie

Never, ever, ever doubt a Greek woman

I should never, ever, ever doubt Phaedra. I mean, I felt it was reasonable, given the circumstances! She is giving birth to her first child, this generation's first grandchild, this week. I believe tomorrow is the planned date, assuming it doesn't change again. Tomorrow morning, checking into the hospital . . . and still this amazing human being takes the time to post my article. *shakes head* I can only say I'm thankful and lucky to know such a formidable person. Really, sweetie, I would have waited! I am very excited for her and her husband.

Without further ado, clicking the link below will take you to my first article for WG in a long time, The Sims: Unleashed. It's not the most remarkable thing I've ever written, but it's decent, and most importantly, it gets me back in the practice of writing for publication. *smiles*

The Sims: Unleashed

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Twin Peaks: Snoqualmie

Homemade chowder, Alias, and Lord of the Rings

I'm making corn chowder tomorrow. Mind you, I'd much rather leave work now and go home and immerse myself in dicing potatoes, carrots, and onions, but work tends to frown on that sort of thing, unfortunately.

David's got a VtES tournament tomorrow, so I'll have the day to myself. Once I've got everything pleasantly melding in the crockpot, it would be nice to have some time with my sister -- she's been wanting to come over and watch the Alias box set, but I couldn't get her on the phone last night.

If she can't make it, maybe I'll curl up with a book (perhaps the Windows on the World 2004 Wine Course), or with Knights of the Old Republic. Or I've got several tasks I can do if I'm feeling productive. Kind of hoping for an Alias and chowder day, though. The January chill has me in the mood to stay in with some hot soup and comfortable company.

We placed an order for the Howard Shore Lord of the Rings concert in June with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. The response e-mail is a bit confusing: "your order will be processed in the order in which it was received" in the first paragraph, and "if you don't hear from us, assume your order was filled" in a later paragraph. No pleasant confirmation indicating precisely that the tickets have been purchased and reserved. We'll see what happens.