October 2nd, 2003

Twin Peaks: Snoqualmie

Fall television so far

I plan to watch the first ep of HBO's Carnivale tonight, to see what I think of it, and also the season premiere of Alias.

Also, saw the season premiere of Angel last night. Despite myself, I find myself liking Fred's cohort in the lab. I definitely do not like the senior partners' representative/liaison, Eve, but she is sure as heck no replacement for Lilah. I miss Lilah. Good to see Lorne back. I think the re-introduction of Spike looks lame so far -- they look overly chummy far too fast in previews and credit scenes, which makes no sense given Angel/Spike history. Hope they're not going to write him too much toward the comic relief side. A lot has happened with the Sunnydale fallout that deserves to be explained and not just whisked under the carpet for the sake of expediency.

This thing with Gunn . . . I think it could be fine, even interesting, if they just leave it at the lawyer bit. Kind of a supernatural way to give the guy an education for which he never had the time or opportunity in his past. However, my worry is the potential for abuse as a plot device by turning him into a combination of a Swiss Army knife character and Neo from The Matrix. I mean, if they can download anything into his brain, it's a little too "I know kung fu," though I'm sure there would be some price for the character to pay. Hope they don't go that route -- it could quickly imbalance the show and move too far toward superhero. They made the mistake of making Willow too powerful, so I hope they won't make it again.

I don't miss Cordelia. I do sorta miss Connor, but if they do a few guest appearances with him here and there, it will fill in the gaps. The Harmony thing -- we'll see. *shrug*