April 26th, 2003

Twin Peaks: Snoqualmie

What is LJ?

weetanya brought this up in her LJ some time ago, but it's something I'd been wondering about as well. I just wonder . . . how much do you feel like you're "performing," or writing for other people? Is your journal just for you, and whoever reads it does so at their own risk, as it were?

Poll #128326 Defining Your LJ

What do you consider LJ to be for you, personally? Is it . . .

A private diary
A message board
Some combination thereof
None of the above (please post comment with your thoughts)
Twin Peaks: Snoqualmie

Sheesh, y'all . . . Middle Earth quiz fluff

I'm sorry for all the quiz fluff, of late, but some of these have actually been good ones, so . . . here's another.


To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?

To add at least a touch of substance, I'd heard that they'd announced the Collector's Edition DVD of Two Towers, but I haven't seen it listed anywhere. Anyone know more details?
Twin Peaks: Snoqualmie

Games I'm playing

At the moment, I'm still playing Dark Age of Camelot, but I've also finally started Morrowind. I don't think I've been this awed by a game's atmosphere since Vampire - the Masquerade. However, in Morrowind, I don't feel like I'm on rails, and my character can be of my choosing (one of my number one deciding factors in any game purchase). Check out the lovely vista of Balmora, below:

Screenshot of Balmora from Morrowind

I love to travel and explore . . . games like this can take you away a bit without having to pack your bags or make reservations. It's not the same as the real thing, of course, but it's very accessible, which counts for a lot.