September 6th, 2002

Twin Peaks: Snoqualmie

Fall schedule television stuff

Yes, I know I still owe you a Dragon*Con recap. I'm working on it, I tell you. :) In the meantime, here's my little fall television schedule . . . tentatively, anyway. I've never seen Smallville, and don't know yet whether I'lll like it or not.

  • Stargate - SciFi - Season 1 starts Sept. 30th, and will be on Mondays.
    Season 6 starts Sept. 6th on Fridays from 9 pm - 11 pm.
    New eps are Friday at 8 pm

  • Enterprise - UPN - September 18th, 8 pm

  • Firefly - Friday, September 20th at 8 pm

  • Buffy - UPN - Tues., Sept. 24th, 8 pm

  • Smallville - WB - Tues., September 24th, 9 pm

  • Alias - Sunday, September 29th, 9 pm

  • Angel - WB - October 6th, 9 pm

  • Farscape - SciFi - On the SciFi Channel's web site for the show, it says new eps coming January 2003, but right below, it says new eps are running every Friday at 10 pm EST, so it's a touch confusing.

For those interested in doing comparisons, here's my fall schedule from last year. I ended up only watching Buffy, Angel, and Enterprise out of that list, for all practical purposes. Oh, a few eps of X-Files here and there.

I still haven't seen anything of the quality of Twin Peaks or Babylon 5 in a long, long time.

Nothing to do with that, but I caught part of a fairly interesting show on NPR last night, comparing never-before-broadcast tapes of interviews with people post-Pearl Harbor and post-9/11. I believe it was called Days of Infamy, or something to that effect.