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How do you express your fan love?

Okay, I'm being proactive instead of grumping about not seeing the Serenity preview.

Tell me why you love Firefly, what symbolism you detect in it, what character you identify with most or just like the best, and/or how you flaunt your fandom. Any of the above. Heck, if you aren't a Browncoat, tell me about what you do like.

The next best thing to seeing it is discussing it, right? :)

So, me:
Why I love the show:
  • I'm a sucker for big story arcs and mystery to begin with, but it's got well-written characters and crackling, witty dialogue in its own custom patois, too. How can I possibly resist?
  • I am an atmosphere ho. All of my favorite computer games, shows, and novels are richly-detailed and heavily atmospheric. Good sound effects and thoughtful set design bring the mishmash culture of this 'verse to life, and make the special language styles and dialects of the show believable. In short, the show has dirt where there's supposed to be dirt, and I like that.
  • It's a fresh take on pioneers and conquest in space. Yes, the space western has been done before, but not like this. Human survival on the frontier isn't a matter of just whipping up something in the replicator, a la Star Trek.
  • Sure, Joss Whedon is an extremely talented man, but give the cast its fair share of credit. I personally think Firefly outshines Buffy and Angel overall. The quality of the people involved, and the way they jelled almost immediately as a unit, makes the show very special.
  • I also have been floored by the outreach on an official level. Now, granted, it's smart business to use your fanbase for publicity. The difference is the level of commitment. The cast has gone so far above and beyond the call of duty in connecting with fans that I really, truly believe that they honestly love this project, and that it's more than just a job to them.
  • Dude, it has an episode with a folk song in it. How can you not like that? ("Jaaaaayne . . . the man they call Jaaayne . . .")

    Character I like the best:
    Zoe. I love the writing of her character. She's strong, smart, and she knows absolutely where her loyalties lie and to what extent. She's pragmatic, and though she's generally the strong silent type, she has no hesitation whatsoever about communicating her dryly-acerbic opinion when she feels it necessary to do so. ("Sir, I believe you have a problem with your brain being missing." Hee. :) ) She's not a wasteful sort. She's also not a one-dimensional stereotype: warrior woman she may be, but that doesn't mean she's asexual. She loves Wash and wants children, despite their environment. There's no doubt she's quite capable of protecting her young, too. She's a gunslinger, but she's mighty wise. Zoe is the backbone of the crew, and her good sense is the ballast for Mal's sometimes-rash actions.

    I do love 'em all, though. It's an ensemble cast, and I wouldn't get rid of a single member of it.

    How I participate in fandom:
  • I pimp the show to anyone I think has even a remote chance of being interested in it.
  • I made my own Firefly ringtone for my phone.
  • I have a fan-made poster, and will have more merchandise when there's more to be purchased.
  • I sometimes think about an AbbyShot Browncoat duster so I could dress up like Zoe, 'cause I'm tallish and look good in that sort of thing, but it will probably be more than I'm willing to pay for occasional use clothing.
  • I don't go to cons often, but on the rare occasions that I do, I attend all the Firefly panels.
  • I once bought the DVD set for a friend. I've considered purchasing a set of the discs just to use as a loaner copy.
  • I have a Firefly image on my computer desktop
  • I'm considering organizing or participating in a line party when the movie comes out.
  • I plan to print up 11th Hour's mini-posters shortly before the movie to spread the word closer to release.
  • I visit fan sites and participate in online communities.
  • I've been a fan of the show since the beginning, and felt it was unfair that Fox not only cancelled it, but did just about everything possible to set it up for failure from the outset.
  • I have had a Serenity-related icon in my LJ user icon selection ever since I heard a movie was being made.

    And you? :)
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