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Prayers for popovers

I got a popover pan last Friday.

I'm trying a test batch for the first time tonight, and I have major popover anxiety for several reasons:

  1. I've never made them before.
  2. I'm using White Lily All-Purpose flour. This is fine for biscuits, but could be problematic for the popovers, because the South uses wheat that is lower in protein than that which is popular in the North. I had no bread flour on hand to compensate.
  3. I'm using skim milk, and it was supposed to be whole milk. This was an accident. I read the recipe several times, so I'm not sure how I overlooked that.
  4. I'm not a Yankee. (Southerners tend to make biscuits, Yankees tend to make popovers, from what I've read.)

Please keep your fingers crossed. For what it's worth, they smell good.

I figure practice makes . . . if not perfect, then better: I'm going to try to make them for the work potluck on Friday, but I ain't stupid enough to do a cold run on a baked good the night before. Unh-uh. Nopers.

Addendum, 11:04 pm:
Oh, my goodness.

Um, they're supposed to be convex, not concave. While they're not little grenades, let's just say they're a good bit denser than they should be. They taste okay, but, um, it's not too late to sign up for something else for the potluck.

I'll be getting some bread flour and whole milk now.

At least the pan itself is good. Every single one of 'em slipped right out of it with nary a stickie.

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