pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

More knife lust

David and I went to Cook's Warehouse today to test drive knives.

We looked at the Global Santoku:
Global Santoku

and the Kershaw Shun Santoku:
Kershaw Shun Santoku

They didn't have any ceramic knives, and I wanted to test one of those before spending money, so I didn't purchase today. Also tried a Wusthof Santoku, but it felt too light, in my opinion.

I didn't like the Global handle at all. I know they're very sturdy knives, with a reputation for durability, but I just didn't like the way the handle felt.

The Shun was another story. It was heavier than the others, and quite lovely. The scalloped edges keep tomatoes from clinging to the blade while slicing. The balance felt really good, and it's significantly less expensive than the ceramic Kyotop, for sure. I might've purchased it on the spot, except for one major drawback: it's made for right-handed people.

I'm a lefty.

I have e-mailed the Kershaw Knives company to see if they make a left-handed version of the knife, but I don't hold out much hope. :(

The quest continues.
Tags: cooking, food, research mode
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