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Odds and ends

Tried a new restaurant called A Taste of Thailand tonight. The food was so-so, and it was a very weird experience - there was only one woman in the place, and she was doing everything. I felt sorry for her, but, strangely, I got the impression that it's not an uncommon event there. I don't think we'll be going back - it felt kind of awkward, and Thai Diner is both closer and much better.

We also went grocery shopping 'cause we're getting together with friends tomorrow to go and hang out and decorate their Christmas tree. I'm looking forward to it, and will be making an appetizer to take over there. Is it silly to be complimented and delighted over having a dish or two that people ask you to make? It was sweet of her to ask for my version of the artichoke dip. Now, I know the mayo-parmesan-artichoke concoction is infamous across the land, but I will say that our version has been tweaked between two generations of family and two sisters working to perfect it, and I have been told before by friends that they won't come to my parties if I don't serve it. ;) It's a nice feeling, to feel like you can offer people something that they look forward to, and that makes them enjoy themselves a little more. People ask me for my artichoke dip, my cheese wafers, my gazpacho, and they're starting to ask for my Brunswick stew. I like it. :) I mean, I'll probably never be of the skill level of chef or Ashley, but it makes me feel good that there are a few things I make that people genuinely seem to like. I may never turn out something as remarkable as that fabulous torte, or even holiday cookies that make nostalgic memories, but at least I feel like I'm contributing. :) It just kind of made my day that she specifically asked for it. Sweetie, if you happen to read this, thank you. :) I haven't made it this season, and it makes me happy just to be fixing it, especially for people I care about.

I don't know, it just makes me feel good. It seems like so much the right thing to be doing to be getting together with close friends at this time of year. We're bringing a bottle of pinot grigio, the dip, and I also have to come up with a dessert.

I love Christmastime, I really do: what matters to me is the fellowship of it, the family of it, the generations and the connections. It's important, and it's valuable. I know I'm stating the obvious, but out of the things we do on this planet, connecting with the families in our lives, both those of blood and those we've chosen for ourselves, is the most important thing of all.

Speaking of food, I'd really like to take a cooking class someday. A baking class, especially. I cannot bake well, and while I don't expect to ever be Alon, or even as good as my friend Terrance, it would be nice to just be able to execute some basic cookies decently, if not exceptionally. :)

I think I'm going to go play some Christmas music. ;)


Dec. 9th, 2001 12:31 am (UTC)
Re: Asian food
It's been a while since we've been there, but Atlanta has a rather large "Chinatown," save that it's not called that - it's generally just called Buford Highway, because there's a huge collection of diverse ethnic groceries, restaurants, and shops there. We had dinner at a place called Little Malaysia a few years ago, and I think it's still there. I liked the food, but the waiter was a little bossy. ;)


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