pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

New favorite cheese: Purple Haze

Anyone who knows me knows that I truly love good cheese . . . to the point that I am one of two people on all of LiveJournal to include Vacherin Mont d'Or in their Interests list.

I'm a big fan of Cypress Grove's award-winning Humboldt Fog, but they may have surpassed themselves with their Purple Haze chevre, a tangy soft goat cheese, dusted with lavender buds and wild harvested fennel pollen. Amazing stuff. I wasn't as taken with the Sauvignon Blanc we had it with, but the cheese was remarkable. Highly recommended, if you get the chance to try it. We found it at the Fresh Market nearest us.

Special to quandry: I know I still need to (and definitely want to) do a wine write-up for you. I just never seem to have pen and paper handy when I'm drinking, and I'd prefer to write my impressions while I'm consuming it. The Belle Vallee Pinot Noir we had recently was definitely worth a mention - yummy peppery notes accenting really big fruit with a long finish.
Tags: cheese, food, wine
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