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One Flew Over Belle Reve

Sheesh. Anyone who's seen the Smallville episode "Asylum" will catch the reference in the post title.

I'm surprised nobody's registered and built a site at www.hug_lex.com. It's been a while since I felt so sorry for a character. You just want to protect him from his father so much. Michael Rosenbaum does a great Injured Puppy look.

We're into season 3, now. The show does have likable characters with likable actors playing them. Chloe reminds me a bit of myself in high school. However, while the writing has improved a notch, it's still frustratingly heavy-handed and oversimplified much of the time. As in, babies in the cradle who haven't yet formed coherent speech could have caught the stigmata reference during Lex's attempted escape. Yes, yes, we GET that he's the sacrificial lamb to his father's will, a la Christ.

I like some aspects of the show, I just wish I didn't feel so bludgeoned and bruised with exposition in almost every episode. Forget TWOP's Exposition Fairy; this is the Exposition Thug. I swear I have a sneaking suspicion that the scripts are typed in ALL CAPS.

The show has potential, but it could be so much better than it is. I'm still reserving verdict, but I'm leaning toward overrated.
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