pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

That ten things meme

Exposed to viral post by canopic_no_9, rdansky, cris, streamweaver, and other friends.

Ten things I've done that you probably haven't:

  1. Stood on the very tip top of the World Trade Center.
  2. Had an aye-aye crawl up my arm and sit on my head.
  3. Was selected for one of 40 places out of over 300 applicants for Drama at Governor's School.
  4. Saw Mikhail Baryshnikov dance.
  5. Studied the philosophy of Michel Foucault with inmates inside Carolina Correctional Institute.
  6. Placed fifth in a state spelling bee. (Cincinnati was my downfall.)
  7. Stopped my high school from breaking federal law and won an award for doing so.
  8. Delivered the news to someone that they were HIV positive.
  9. Drank an entire fraternity under the table without vomiting.
  10. Toasted New Year's Eve with better, more exclusive champagne than was available to the President of the United States.

Ten things I've done/been through that almost everyone's experienced:
  1. Greeted the day from the wrong side of a sunrise.
  2. Been in a car accident.
  3. Saw an R-rated movie before being of legal age to do so.
  4. Watched an infomercial because it was the least crummy thing on television.
  5. Been betrayed by a trusted friend.
  6. Prolonged suffering (your own or someone else's) by avoiding confrontation.
  7. Had the highest score on a video game for at least a week.
  8. Surprised myself by exceeding my own expectations of my abilities.
  9. Stood up for something I believe in.
  10. Been cheek-to-stubble with Neil Gaiman. (Okay, it's not something everyone's done, but given rdansky's list, I just couldn't resist. :) )
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