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Somebody saaayyyve me . . . from Smallville

Al Gough, one of the creators of Smallville, says the following in an interview with Television Without Pity:

It masks the entry of Clark into the atmosphere and also gave us stories every week. How do you build stories out of a small town? Kryptonite. Weird things happen. It's sort of Norman Rockwell and Blue Velvet underneath. It just went from there.

Blue Velvet, eh? You have got to be kidding me, Al, or, more likely, kidding yourself. Don't get me wrong, you've got good taste in hero worship, and that trait is apparently serving you profitably given the motif of Smallville, but David Lynch you are not. Let me see . . . TP first aired 15 years ago and I'm still finding new clues and symbols in it, compared to your show, which has all the nuanced subtlety of an Acme anvil (appropriate, in a way, given the WB presence).

I'll admit that most authors can't resist toying with a little Christ imagery here and there, but even Mel Gibson resisted putting it right on the cover of the DVD. Yeah, yeah, Buffy did it, too, most gratuitously with Spike's scene in the church, but in fairness, 1) Joss had Left the Building by that point and left things in the hands of Marti obNoxious, and 2) James Marsters is a Juilliard-trained actor who has enough talent to make a drek script reasonably palatable.

Still, Al, maybe you need that much hubris to become an executive producer in television these days.

How do I even know this?


Y'see, I really love my husband, and apparently, when it comes to him, I'm an enabler: he keeps tuning in to Smallville, and so, despite my, erm, opinion of the show, I bought him the first three seasons on DVD for Valentine's Day. And I watched it with him, to see what the heck has got him interested.

I'm having fun making fun of it, does that count?

Oh, all right, I'll admit that Lex's character is interesting to a degree, but he's the only one, so far. Show seems to be heading toward being about his fall, which is not quite what I expected, I must admit. Plus, at least Lex has a reason to be a major character, as opposed to S6 and S7 Spike on Buffy. (Sorry, but plot-wise, he was better as salt rather than as the main course, though I know some Marsters 'shippers would disagree with me.)

It's just that the show lacks any symbolism whatsoever, thus far. What you see is what you get. And hey, Martha and Jonathan Kent being the loving parents that they are, wouldn't they move away from someplace totally filled with something that makes their son sick (and makes Villain of the Week characters appear like clockwork)? Just a thought. Not to mention the bit in one where the script clearly states that all the security cameras have been disabled, yet Lex somehow pulls security camera footage from that particular time window out of thin air. Must've been kryptonite, somehow. Plot holes you could drive a Co'Cola truck through, kiddies.

I'd say we're about 2/3rds of the way through the first season right now. I am trying to give the show a fair shake. I really am. I've had so many people try to pimp it to me that it's only just and right to try to be objective about Smallville, aka Dawson's Creek meets DC Comics. However, when the show has characters deliver lines like "Every hero needs a foil," when Lex gives Clark one from his time fencing . . . gee, couldja spell it out IN LARGER TYPE? I think there were a few blind people in the far reaches of outer space who might not have quite gotten it. :/ Even I give the 6th graders of today more credit than that, sheesh.
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