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Cooking prep and miscellany

I likely won't be in City of Heroes tonight; I have some other things to work on.

sailormur, I have not forgotten your e-mail. I will respond. I'd planned to do so last night, but shopping and phone calls I had to return sort of intervened.

I need to finish what I started in terms of completing Vegas picture editing. I've made progress, but the task isn't done.

I also intend to do a little prep work in the kitchen: last night, we got ingredients for Black Bean and Bacon Chili (from The Best New Recipe), Hash Brown Casserole (a copycat version of the one made by the Cracker Barrel chain; my husband loves it, so I'm treating him to a little comfort food), and of course, Banana Pudding to take this weekend for dessert (we're going over to spring_1970's for dinner and games).

Note to self: check this site when I get home for information on knife techniques. Sometime, I'd really love to take a few culinary classes. I mean, I don't want to work in a restaurant as a profession, but as a hobbyist, I'd like to improve and polish my skills a bit to be more efficient in the kitchen.

February is always very busy for us. There are lots of birthdays, Valentine's Day, etc. in real life, so I likely won't be posting as much on LJ in that time window.

Tags: cooking, links of interest, mmo games
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