pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

Lest you suffer the misapprehension that equal treatment under the law has been achieved ...

... it hasn't.

Case in point, the plight of Darlene Jesperson, a bartender for over 20 years at Harrah's. I recommend reading the whole post. (Link courtesy of Metafilter.)

I have to wonder if, under the ADA, she happened to have rosacea, they would be required to make reasonable allowances for that (including not forcing her to wear makeup).

Peachy. Now I have to go find out what casinos are owned by Harrah's and its parent group before I go to Vegas so I don't accidentally patronize them.

I really can't quite believe an employer is trying to perpetrate this in this day and age, and, even more unbelievable, that judges would uphold such inequity.

There are reasonable employer expectations, and there are unreasonable employer expectations. Guess which this is?

Tags: consumer issues, gender-related, legal, news
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