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The Joy of Cooking . . . not . . .

Dammit, cornbread! You've been in there 15 minutes over your designated time! It is not permissible for you to be soggy in the middle any longer - I need for you to brown! BROWN!

. . . ten minutes later, a string of curses issues from Banshee's kitchen . . .

Hey, kids, don't forget -- your thumb has NERVE ENDINGS in it! Do not apply hot cast iron to thumb or any other part of your skin - it hurts!

*curses again about holiday potlucks while icing down the injured right thumb*

Oh, yeah, I'm chock full of the Christmas spirit at 12:21 am on December 22nd.

12-22-04, 12:27p Addendum: Okay, it may have been worth the burned appendage. It turned out smoky and cheesy and GOOD. Spice is present, but not overwhelming. I would make this recipe again.

Tags: cooking, gripes and grumbles, health, recipes
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