pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

Political shopping

I was wondering when someone was going to come up with a database of "blue" and "red" companies.


If you want to eat out at a blue restaurant, you're pretty much limited to Arby's Sonic, Hard Rock Cafe, and someplace called Stephanie's on Newbury.

Cooking at home is pretty hard, too, as the blue grocery stores are limited to Brown & Cole Stores (we don't have any of those around here), Costco, LoBill's Foods, Marsh Supermarkets, and O'Mailia's Food Market (none of these last three here, either).

So, if I'm a Libertarian, where do I shop? :) Half and half? :) Greens, grow their own food, I guess. :D

Tags: consumer issues, errands/shopping, links of interest, politics/government
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