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More cell phone stuff

I must confess ironic amusement that two out of the only three people who responded to my previous request for advice in my first cell phone post didn't have cell phones at the time they posted (though I was very grateful for the insightful info they provided). I can only assume the rest of you (many of whom I know for a fact have cell service) were too busy yakking on said devices to respond with useful commentary. ;)

After some research on the issue, I think I'm going to wait a little bit on Bluetooth. Although measures can be taken to make it more secure, Bluetooth 2.0 is going to be better, and since it's not a need, just a "that'd be cool" thing, I'll probably opt to wait for the next generation.

I'm also finding it a bit difficult to find an inexpensive Bluetooth phone. I don't need the phone to make tea for me, but it seems like if they have that one feature, they have a zillion other options that jack up the price. Also, since it looks more and more like we'll be going with Verizon (have evaluated it, Sprint, Cingular, T-Mobile, and Alltel, so far), the one Bluetooth-enabled phone they offer is the Motorola v710, which is about $300. Considering I can get an entire new PC for under $500, I'm not impressed.

So, I'll wait for the technology to come around a bit. My husband just introduced me to PhoneScoop, which has proven to be a pretty useful site for research. I had no idea that so many other countries, particularly Europe, were so far ahead of the US in cell phone usage/tech.

I've tested many phones in the last week, and right now, I think the LG VX-6100 is the front-runner. I like the raised buttons and clear visibility of the keypad, the ease of menu navigation, the voice memo option, the fact that they bothered to put a sliding cover over the camera lens so it won't get damaged so easily, the speaker phone option, and the fact that it feels solid: so many phones out there feel so fragile! The Motorolas in particular seemed to have this hinge feel . . . the only way I can describe the sensation is to say that it felt like they were lubricated with almost-dry wax. It was odd.

I'm still not entirely convinced I need a cell phone, but the rest of my family seems so darned relieved at the idea of my getting one that I'm willing to capitulate. Haven't purchased yet, though. Still researching.

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