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I think this whole icon thing on LJ is kind of interesting. It's almost like a cyberequivalent of totems in Native American cultures. Now, before anybody jumps all over that, I'm not saying the one is even remotely in the same degree as the other: I'm aware of how personal and deep one's totem identity was, and that it often involved a dream quest and so on. I'm just saying it's interesting to see what images people choose to identify themselves. It's not necessarily a deep connection: some users change their pictures all the time, just because they see a new one that they happen to like (doesn't necessarily mean they feel it is their inner self or anything).

My husband envisions my totem as a cat. I think it's more likely an owl. (I just have the frog up 'cause I think it's cute.) I really don't know, though. I've never done any sort of quest or exploration for it.

Some people put images of the characters they role-play, which also seems an aspect of self, or an anti-aspect.

The whole thing is interesting to think about. The need for people to represent themselves in this way, with avatars and symbols. It's always been present in human culture. Is it a way to represent our inner selves because our exteriors seem to rarely match our interiors?
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